Friday, 21 September 2012

R-Quest NS2100 Disc Publisher

“I’ve decided to write down my experience with R-Quest NS2100 Disc Publisher because I really can’t settle without thanking them a lot for the wonderful product they had made. 8 months ago, I needed a new set to replace my old disc publisher which had broken down and can’t be repaired.  I really need it at once or else my work will suffer and my client will be disappointed.  I always knew River Pro Audio and this time I made the decision to order from them. Well I commend them for their speedy service as they had delivered my new machine exactly within three days. I had a huge project that time, and I was able to meet the deadline for my client which required 4,000 discs to run. It’s amazing! It works really fast with excellent quality of printed labels. 

  It is very efficient as I am able to meet all my requirements on due time without any failure. They did a great work for designing this fully automated machine with TrueNet LX browser based control operating system that made my work also efficient as I don’t need extra software installation from my clients. For those who are planning to find new disc publisher, I will definitely recommend this one to my friends in the business! This is one technology that you must invest on. With fully automated operation, it does the work of copying and printing without the need of any network. Don’t waste your money on buying publishing machine that only promises, I guarantee you this based on my true experience. Thanks River Pro Audio and don’t stop creating such powerful device like this.”

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

River Pro Audio NS2100:- Audio R quest NS 2100 is well known Platform for CD & DVD technology.

R-Quest Technologies is well known name in operating system autonomous CD/DVD blue ray publishing system. It has proven record in printing solutions, robotics and recording technologies makes perfect solutions for all your CD/DVD blue ray distribution requirements. It offers a wide range from small desktop systems to integrated networking solutions, R-quest is the good choice for R quest application. The software allows users to login and publish java enabled web browsers.
The River Pro Audio R-Quest NS2100 is the best platform autonomous publishing solution and comes without the need to maintain an embedded windows, Mac OS server and Linux. This generation robotics combined with an easy and simple to use powerful web browser user interface provides the superlative solutions to publish across multiple computer platforms such as Mac OSX, Windows and Linux similarly on the same network.  Because the system is controlled by the web browser, there are no client software and printer drivers to install on the latest software.
The NS2100 is a reliable and long term dependent machines and -generation robotics attach a whole new measurement of usability. This new printer provides the fast and reliable print times as well as very lower cost per print. This new printer features R quest that features optimized HP ink formula for printing new true software that utilizes real time ink level monitoring for optimum ink coverage

Customizable lower media / print supplies thresholds with announcement editing and update higher quantities and more in real time simply repeat or restart jobs with supplementary features customizable and event notifications.  Role based access control and user security. Label design ensures that users select a well planned corporate level. Full system cataloguing and reachable in actual time.
River Pro audio R-Quest is a reliable name for CD & DVD technology, which has been built by having rich experience and expertise of technical knowledge. It can help you lot for reliable manufactures and solutions, we are really confident that you can advice on R quest machines. NS2100 is the trustworthy as the R quest machines you know very well and provides new measurement of the usability. It can produce realistic quality printing images. This printer has several other features like photo, color and versa.
Moreover, River Pro Audio is a reliable in the market for latest technology products of 4500 series. Enjoy the industrial grade, printing and breaking technology used with compact solutions to control and schedule production work on this R Quest.